RJE Jag Dads

Just sign up, watch for the emails, and participate when you’re able! It couldn’t be easier!
Who are the Jag Dads?
We are RJE fathers, grandfathers, uncles and positive male role models working to
provide increased male presence and participation at RJE which, in turn, helps
make RJE a successful place of learning and fun for all students. Activities include:
Jag Dad Day, Mom’s Day, monthly carpool greeters, First Friday Lunches, Family
Movie Night, Snacks & Signs night for RJE Veteran’s Day Parade, volunteer to be
Jagger – the RJE mascot and help with other events!
Mission Statement:
• To promote the importance of male role models in a child’s life
• To create a network of involved and active Dads
• To enhance the school through active participation and presence
• To sponsor or co-sponsor select RJE family activities


Volunteering with Jag Dads:
We’re always looking for a few willing dads to volunteer their time. Whether you
can help a little or a lot, volunteer activities are a modest time commitment &
guaranteed fun. Experience shows that any amount of “Dad time” at school has a
positive impact on kids.
“Role Models Today for a Stronger Tomorrow”
brandonbaumann@msn.com, Jag Dad Chairman


First Friday Lunches & AM/PM Carpool Volunteers

Our Jag Dads are excited to host the First Friday lunches -  a time where all dads or other family members are invited to join their Jaguar for lunch during  their regular lunch period.


In addition, dads are invited to come help in the morning and/or afternoon carpool line to help students get safely in and out of their cars.  C'mon out -  we need your help!


Other Activities include:

  • Jag Dad Day
  • Snacks and Signs
  • Movie Night


We coordinate involvement at events primarily through email.


Please be sure to register as a Volunteer for the Jag Dads group and complete the MISD background check.





How do I sign up? Click here to sign up for Jag Dad Updates.

Roar Sponsors ($500-$999)


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